Sunday, September 27, 2009

New York Fashion Week S/S 2010 - Willow and Tibi

Day 6 of NYFW I saw the Willow and Tibi show, both of which are unique in their own ways. At the Willow show, the theme was "Eternal Phi", conjuring up a deep sea journey into the Great Barrier Reef. The silhouettes were decidedly relaxed but structured, speckled with a flowing and feminine vibe every now and then. Cream and white dominated the runway with the occasional blue and gold. Metallic embellishments and mother-of-pearl completes the scene, calling to mind the glories of the undersea paradise.

The Tibi show was one of the most colorful I've seen during Fashion Week. Bright colors were spotted on easy, breezy ensembles, as well as pretty and feminine silhouettes. Icy pastels, rosettes on skirts and shoulders, and flowing backsides evoke the awakening of spring and the imagery of a lush garden party.

The undulating hem brings to mind an oyster shell or the sand dunes on deep sea floor.

Structured white gorgeousness.

A futuristic take on the undersea princess.

Loose sparkly pants = relaxed glamour.

An ethereal silhouette and shade. The lightness and movement of this dress is otherworldly.

Layers of chiffon floating down the runway creates motion like currents undersea.

Shredded material gone elegant.

Mother-of-pearl having a shining moment.

Metallic embellishment contrasts with the abstract black and white background.

In the darker depths.


Bright colors galore.

Icy pastel with a flirty and girly twist.

Rosette detail on the shoulder.

Flowing silhouette.

The backside is just as mesmerizing.

Feminine floral details.

See how it floats!

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