Sunday, February 14, 2010

New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 - Academy of Art

New York Fashion Week is upon us again at Bryant Park. It's with bittersweet emotions that the last season of New York Fashion Week began at the legendary Bryant Park on February 11. The next NY Fashion Week will be moved to Lincoln Center.

I was lucky enough to go to the shows on both Friday and Saturday, courtesy of my fashionable friend Miko Laube. I covered 7 shows in 2 days, quite a feat, I must say. My favorite so far was the Academy of Art University show. The creativity was overflowing and the energy contagious. It was also my first time backstage. It was such a rush to see the prep work and the models in real life. The show debuts the collections of some of the university's graduates. I love especially three designers: Marina Solomatnikova, for her creatively constructed suede pieces; Hyo Sun (Nicky) An, for her beautiful drapey and stringy jersey jacket and tunic and Steven Oo, for his cozy and fashion-forward, but completely wearable chunky knitwear.

A composite of model looks.

Marina Solomatnikova

Steven Oo
The designer himself, giving an interview.

The most amazing cropped chunky knit cardigan.

Back of the cardigan.

Hyo Sun (Nicky) An
The designer giving an interview.

Beautifully draped jersey tunic.

The gorgeous drapey jersey jacket that I covet the most in the entire show.

Models backstage.

Grand finale.

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