Saturday, May 23, 2009

Green Revolution

Today's blog is all about green. I wish I could say that it is about eco-clothing but it's really more about the color green. With the help of my contributing photographer, the talented Ms. Angela Filingeri, we were able to take the many shots you see here. We spent the entire day figuring the outifts, shots and locations around my apartment building and turned out some very creative images. I never thought the green clothing on green background could look so great! Thanks for an amazing time Angie!

Dress - Rebecca Taylor

Dress - Warehouse

Dresss - Rebecca Taylor
Necklace - Anthropologie

Hairband - Pluma
Ring - Made Her Think

Sunglasses - Prada
Top - by francine
Bottom - Part of a romper from Uniqlo
Shoes - Delman

Gotta love the Lucky beer bottle!
Rings - Bulgari, Made Her Think, vintage

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